Azobe (Ekki) Sleeper System


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1.2m x 1.2m Sleeper System

1200 x 200 x 95 mm premium quality tropical hardwood sleepers and HDPE retainer capping pad

Extremely durable – Expect lifespan several times that of oak in like for like site application.


Unrivalled timber crushing and bending strength (almost double the crushing & bending strength of Oak).


Excellent resistance to splitting. Inherent cross laced grain resists the natural tendency to open up splits as the timber dries.


Each sleeper measures 1200x200x95mm weighing approx. 29 kg. Other bespoke sizes available on request.


Precision planed to a common 95mm thickness, ensuring optimum load transfer through the sleeper setup.


Fitted with high quality exterior grade handles to ease site movement / manual handling.


Standard setup provides 1.2m x 1.2m (1.44m2) of load spread area.


Can be built up with additional layers of sleepers to achieve levelling pads for the machine to operate on slightly sloping sites.


Can be provided with structural foam base layer as shown below to avoid high points disturbing setup and protect paving.


Six sleepers positioned on the bottom layer, with three above running across and central to those beneath.

On top of the sleepers sits a 650x500x60mm UniMat HDPE Capping Pad to retain optimum position of the sleepers beneath during machine setup and application of loading.


Available for sale and nationwide hire.

Four pads can be transported by standard pallet network to ensure cost effective transport to / from site.


Favourable setup for temporary works engineers.

High quality timber and quantified strength to enable suitability for application / temporary works design checks.